Designing for personas

There are two gigantic issues with social media as we have it now.

Like it or not, we have monkey brains. They did not evolve to deal with the scale of information (and misinformation) that they are being exposed to. The monkey brain sees that something has 15,000 re-tweets, and assumes that one of those 15k other monkeys viewed it and vetted it.

The other is that people are getting a firehose of content into a single mental context.

Identity, Privacy, and the Edge


My goals for this talk are to:

  • Give a small taxonomy going into categories and labels that I think are useful when talking about identity;
  • Walk you through what a layered conceptual model for identity could be like;
  • Talk about the privacy implications for how we go about implementing things;
  • Hopefully convince you that the closer to the edge we process things, the better it is for the user, but that the edge does not guarantee privacy (no matter what the Blue Behemoth whose name starts with an F would like people to believe).

Slides at Speakerdeck.

The Truth of The Thing

A talk on conceptual accessibility being fundamental for adoption, while discussing mistakes I’ve made.

Slides at Speakerdeck.