About me

I’m Ricardo J. Méndez. I’m a technologist, open source and privacy advocate.

I spent most of my career as a CTO, but have worked at and advised VC funds. I’ve been focused exclusively on web3 and decentralization since 2018. I’ve worked with multiple web3-focused teams, from Equilibrium to Marinade. As Samsung NEXT’s Technical Director for Europe, I wrote the Digital Identity Investment Thesis, the backbone of the Blockchain Investment Thesis, and ran NEXT’s technical due diligence and advocacy in Europe.

Here you’ll find some of my articles, talks, and links to some open source projects I’ve started or contributed to.

No, there’s no contact e-mail address on this site, but I’m easy to find. You can reach out to me through Mastodon, LinkedIn, BlueSky, or via my first name at this domain name.

Published: 2018-10-17


Ricardo J. Méndez