TVL is not for platforms

I’m starting to get pretty annoyed with people using TVL to compare the value or activity in a platform.

I personally think TVL is a flawed metric for platforms as a whole. It works only when you’re comparing domains like DeFi. If a particular platform is very DeFi-focused, it could have a higher TVL than one that gets more active use but does not require value locking (eg. Arweave).

It also seems that high chain fees would skew users to locking, since active use chews up your stack. With low fees you can be liquid and productive. Instead of keeping your $VOTE tokens locked in a system, why not move them in just when you need to cast a vote, and then out when you’re done?

(See also: Bridged volume as a metric)

Published: 2021-11-24


Ricardo J. Méndez