Relevance is now open source

I’ve released Relevance, my smart tab organizer for Chrome, under the MIT license. You can find the ClojureScript source code on GitLab, and the extension on the Chrome web store.

Some notes:

  • I write pretty full commit logs on functionality changes, and the code should be reasonably documented. Having said that, this is the first time the code has been exposed to light. If you find anything that needs clarifying, let me know on BlueSky or by filing an issue.
  • Relevance has always been an experimental project. This is the full repository, so you’ll find that it includes a couple months of concept doodling before the initial November 2015 release.
  • I’m using git flow. Pull requests are welcome, but please make them from the develop branch. I prefer atomic commits over one large change blob. If you are making several related changes, please use a feature branch.
  • Assume any feature branches may be re-written or deleted altogether.

And in case you’re wondering “why GitLab?”… I’ve been using Gitlab’s private repositories for a while, including Relevance‘s. They provide some great features for free. It feels right to just flip the switch for the public release, and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some more eyeballs.