git flow releases with ClojureScript

While we’re on the topic of Clojure being useful

I use git flow for all my projects. It’s relaxing to know that, even when you’re working solo, you have zero chance of screwing yourself over because - say - you need to make a hotfix but can’t because of a dirty master branch state.

In some projects like khroma I’ll use major/minor version for the release numbers. But in a lot of cases, like this very site, there’s no concept of a major or minor release - you just want to time-stamp each one. I may even need to start several releases a day.

I wrote a small ClojureScript helper to remove the chance of human error.

You can just use this from the command line if you have Planck installed. When you run it, it’ll execute git flow release start with a release name consisting of the year, month, day, hour and minute.

Snippet below. Just install Planck, copy it somewhere in your path, and you’re good to go.


Ricardo J. Méndez