Flexibility Through Immutability

A tal about the functional programming paradigm, the advantages of immutable data, and how to apply them in object-oriented languages. You can read more about it here.

ITAKE Unconference, Bucharest, 2016:

Slides at SpeakerDeck.

Running Efficient Distributed Teams

This is a talk I gave at Webit Expo, Sofia, in April 2016. I focused on how to run efficient, fully distributed teams, how they differ from local teams, the pitfalls to avoid, and which agile concepts should be re-evaluated.

Slides at SpeakerDeck.

Clojure All The Way Down

An introductory talk on Clojure I gave at the Bucharest Functional Programming meet up, as well as a companion article talking about Clojure’s usefulness.

Slides at SpeakerDeck.

Multi-Kinect Motion tracking and interactive installations

Delivered as a masterclass at Nucl.AI 2015 conference. I focused on ways to deal with erratic and noisy input signals, coordinating multiple Kinect sensors via RabbitMQ and offloading heavy processing to multiple computers.

It’s currently available on the Nucl.AI archives for conference attendees and AIGameDev subscribers.

Slides at SpeakerDeck.


Ricardo J. Méndez