About Relevance

Relevance is a smart tab organizer for Chrome. It’ll create a natural arrangement where the tabs you have spent the longest on, which are expected to be the most relevant, are placed first, and the ones you haven’t read at all are shunted to the end of your list.

You can read the development posts here.



This version marks a subtle but major change in how Relevance sorts tabs.

Previously I was sorting based on time spent at the page, compounded with time from the domain that the page belongs to. This would however cause pages that were in different subdomains from the same root (say, and to be grouped separately.

With this version, the new sorting criteria is:

  • First group the pages by root domain,
  • Sort the pages inside a root domain group by the same criteria used before,
  • Sort the root domains by the time collectively spent on all subdomains,
  • Move all priority tabs to the start.

I’ve also tweaked how unknown pages are ranked and made other minor adjustments.


StartPage integration is now optional and can be toggled from the settings.


Fixed a regression which had broken paging on the URL list.


Clean-up and size improvements.


Relevance is now open-source under the MIT license. Optimized extension size, clean-up.


Fixed a few sorting bugs. Particularly, when a page had just been opened, the stats for the site weren’t taken into account when sorting. This had the effect of new tabs ending up with a different order other pages from the same site which had been visited on a previous session.

Sorry about that.


Improved usage instructions on the welcome page.


I was initially planning to do a few large updates, but I expect I’ll instead release them gradually as minor tweaks.

  • New feature: Relevance can now prioritize tabs which are playing a sound. To enable, go right-click the Relevance button, select Show Relevance data and then click on Settings.
  • Relevance now prioritizes http and https URLs.
  • Non-HTTP URLs such as file, about and chrome-extension will not be tracked.


  • Performance improvements
  • Preparing for some major updates on an upcoming version!


  • Adjusted the settings for pages that you don’t visit often, to make recent sites more relevant
  • Any page that you haven’t visited in 45 days will be cleared, unless you spent more than 2.5 hours on it.
  • Minor UI adjustments.


Minor fixes.


Ricardo J. Méndez